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Citadel TS-NH

The Teledyne RD Instruments CITADEL TS-NH THERMOSALINOGRAPH is a compact, low-maintenance system with exceptional stability for monitoring sea surface salinity, as well as sound velocity and water density.

The Citadel TS-NH Thermosalinograph uses Teledyne RDI’s patented NXIC (Non-eXternal Inductive Conductivity) sensor and an aged thermistor to provide precise conductivity and temperature measurement, resulting in high-accuracy calculated salinity, sound velocity, and density.

The system is cast in a urethane mold, and the electronics are housed in an integral sealed (moistureproof) housing. The unit is easy to install and remove on in-line piping using either 3/4" hose pipe barbs or optional threaded fittings, and is easily integrated into larger ferry box systems providing additional biological and chemical measurements.?

? Parameter? Conductivity? Temperature?
??Sensors ?? ?? ?? ? ?Operational Range 0-70mS/cm? -5 to +35°C?
Accuracy? ±0.003mS/cm? ±0.005°C?
Stability? ±0.001mS/cm/month? 0.0005°C/month?
Thermal Sensitivity? ±0.003mS/cm/°C? n/a?
Resolution? 0.0001mS/cm? 0.0001°C?
?Power 8 to 35VDC @ 50mA
?Depth Rating Intended for on-board vessel; Delrin® housing
?Warm-Up 3.0 seconds from power-up
?Sample Rate User-programmable from 1-15Hz
Data Output Rate Up to 8Hz over serial
?Real-Time Clock Programmable Alarm/Sleep functions ±8ppm/MAX, (±21sec/month MAX)
?Internal Memory 256MB standard
?Serial Communications RS-232 or RS-485
?Format ASCII Protocol
Data? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Conductivity in mS/cm
Temperature in Celsius, per ITS-90
Salinity in PSU, per PSS-78
Sound Velocity in m/sec
Baud Rates: 1200/9600/19200/38400/57600/11520
Format: 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity
Dimensions? Line drawings available on request

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