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Citadel CTD-EK Digital

?Teledyne RD Instruments CITADEL CT-EK Sensor provides highaccuracy conductivity and temperature measurements in a package that can be readily adapted to various user platforms. The instrument relies on an innovative, inductively coupled conductivity sensor, which provides high-accuracy, stable readings. The sensor is self-flushing, so no pumps are required. A highgrade Platinum Resistance Thermometer (PRT) provides stable temperature readings for calculation of high-accuracy salinity and sound velocity.

Separate models are available with the following options: 
• Shallow (500-meter) or deep-water (7000-meter) construction 
• Internal or external temperature sensor (faster response) 
• Regular or short stem (shallow versions only)

A large ceramic conductivity cell is also available for improved accuracy and faster response.

?Parameter ?Large CT Cell Conductivity ?Small CT Cell Conductivity ?Temperature
??Sensors ?? ?? ? Range? 0 to 70mS/cm? 0 to 70mS/cm? -2 to +35°C?
Accuracy? ±0.01mS/cm? ±0.02mS/cm? ±0.05°C?
Stability? ±0.02mS/cm/month? ±0.005mS/cm/month? ±0.005°C/month?
Resolution? 0.0001mS/cm? 0.0001mS/cm? 0.0001?°C
?Instrument ?? ?? ?? ? ?Power 50mW @ 6VDC, voltage range 6-14VDC; (2) 0-5VDC control lines; RS-232, RS-485
Output Format? Scaled or floating point
Baud Rate? 300, 1200, 9600, 19200
Channels? 4, plus user-programmable pressure
Connector? Molex 8 pin housing with lock, #7478
?Ordering ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?Shallow Long Stem (500dBar)
Internal Temperature? CT-EK-0-010305-0-I
External Temperature? CT-EK-0-010305-0-E
Shallow Short Stem (500dBar)
Internal Temperature? CT-EK-0-010306-0-I
External Temperature? CT-EK-0-010306-0-E
Deep Sensor (7000dBar)
External Temperature? CT-EK0-010104-7000-0-E
Dimensions Line drawings available on request

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