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Citadel CTD-ES

The CITADEL CTD-ES incorporates proven inductively coupled conductivity sensor technology with a platinum resistance thermometer and micromachined silicon pressure sensor to provide highly accurate and stable readings.

Data is output continuously via RS-232 or RS-485. All Citadel CTD-ES sensors are mounted in the flow, with no pumps or other artificial flushing devices required. Precise internal fixed references provide continuous calibration for increased long-term reliability

Parameter? Conductivity? Temperature? Pressure?
?Sensors? ?? ?? ? Range? 0-70mS/cm? -2 to +32°C? Customer specified?
Accuracy? ±0.003mS/cm? ±0.002°C? ±0.02% FS?
Stability? ±0.001mS/cm/month? ±0.0005°C/month? ±0.01% FS/month?
Resolution? 0.0001mS/cm? 0.0001°C? 0.001% FS/month?
?System ?? ?? ?? ? ?Power 6 to 14VDC @ 120mA, 770mW maximum (input connector jumper wake-up capability)
Depth Rating? 500m Delrin® housing or 700m titanium housing
?Weight Air: 1.8kg (4lb), Water: 1.2kg (2.7lb)
Sample Rate User selectable, 1.83 to 4.5 frames per second
Resolution? 18 bits at 2 frames per second; 16 bits at 5 frames per second
?Data Format ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ? ?Conductivity mS/cm
Temperature? °C (ITS-90)
Pressure? decibars, (SNNNNN.NN)
?Sound Velocity meter/sec (UNESCO 44)
?Salinity ?PSU (PSS-78)
Time? Date
All data in ASCII, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity RS-232 or RS-485
?Baud Rate User Selectable 9600, 19200, 38400
?Internal Clock ?? ?? ± 5 ppm initial accuracy
± 12 ppm per year?
Programmable alarm and sleep functions?
?Dimensions Line drawings available on request

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