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Citadel CTD-NV

The CITADEL CTD-NV provides scientific-quality conductivity, temperature, and depth measurement capability in an extremely rugged package. This new CTD utilizes the patented Non-eXternal Inductive Cell (NXIC) conductivity sensor, and represents a new generation of extremely durable precision measurement instruments.

The Citadel CTD-NV is a fast sampling, fully integrated instrument platform with optional battery power, datalogging and external analog sensor input. Its flow-thru design is ideally suited for profiling and towing applications or mounting to AUVs and ROVs.

The Citadel CTD-NV’s NXIC internal conductivity cells do not suffer from proximity effects as do typical external inductive cells, and allow the unit to be mounted in virtually any orientation, close to other equipment. The unit draws very low power and can run for 400 hours continuous on its 3V battery pack. The instrument can be field cleaned without affecting factory calibration. There are no pumps or fragile electrodes, which ensures reliability in demanding marine environments.

? ?Parameter Conductivity? Temperature? Pressure?
?Sensors? ?? ?? ?? ?? Range? 0-70mS/cm? -5 to +35°C? Customer specified?
Accuracy? ±0.003mS/cm? ±0.005°C? ±0.05% FS?
Stability? ±0.001mS/cm/month? 0.0005°C/month? ±0.004% FS/month?
Thermal Sensitivity? ±0.003mS/cm/°C? n/a? n/a?
Resolution? 0.0001mS/cm? 0.0001°C? 0.001% FS/month?
?Power 8 to 35VDC @ 40mA
??Depth Rating ? 500m Delrin® housing standard
7000m Titanium housing optional?
Warm-Up? 3.0 seconds after power up
?Sample Rate User Programmable from 1 to 15Hz
?Data Output Rate Up to 8Hz serial
?Real-Time Clock Programmable Alarm/Sleep functions ±20ppm/year, ±5ppm/year optional
?Internal Memory 256MB standard
?Serial Communications RS-232 or RS-485
?Format ASCII Protocol
?Battery Options ?Welded Alkaline ? ?
?Dimensions ?Line drawing available upon request ? ?

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