Geri Dön




Motorized Footvalve Pump

Among other items the standard set contains a foot valve pump suitable for two pumping tubes, tube guides, ball valves, polyethylene tube and an aluminium tripod. The revolutionary PowerPack PP1, a borehole sampling system for groundwater and leachate, is light enough to be carried by one person. It’s powerful enough to lift water from 50 m depth and is so compact, that it fits onto a back-pack frame. The PowerPack PP1 combines a power source and drive mechanism in one compact unit and is powered by the latest Honda GX-series of ultra-small 4-stroke engines. The redesigned tubing clamp provides significantly improved grip for deeper pumping. The pump weighs 13 kg and includes a detachable backpack. Pumps from approx. 60 depth using standard flow intertial tubing and approx. 40 m using high flow tubing. Pumping rates Tubing system ID (mm) max. flow rate Standard flow 12 mm 8 l/min. High flow 20 mm 15 l/min. Low flow 10 mm 1.5 l/min. Micro flow 6 mm 0.5 l/min. Applications • Conventional and low flow purging/sampling in monitoring well. • Permeability tests in bore hole. • Well development. • Low flow sampling in multi-level sampling xxx. • Ideal for use with flow through cel.

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