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Hand-operated foot valve pump, set

Two tubes, with a diameter of 10 or 16 mm, can be fitted on the hand-operated foot valve pump. The lever hinges on a tripod of which the height can be adjusted. In this way it is possible to take samples from wells fitted with a shaft type well cover as well as street type well covers. The hinge point of the lever can be moved quickly, in this way the stroke lever ratio can be adjusted which makes it possible to work efficiently at all times. The advantage of the lever is that it reverses the weight of the water filled tubes so that you need not carry the weight; on the contrary, your arm will be lifted slightly. This way pumping is little effort and can be sustained much longer. You can stand upright during the operation. Benefits Hand-operated foot valve pump A valve; a tube and a movement that’s all ! Uses law of inertia to pump tenths of meters No suction so; no limit in water level depth Lever allows optimal use of body force Lever makes pumping lighter + allows resting Foot valve inert re-usable stainless steel 304 For volatiles as well as trace metal sampling Compatible with all other types of analyses Diameters 9-22 mm to cope with all needs Easy replaceable low cost LDPE tubing Remarks Well diameter smaller than 150 mm needed Pipe in stead of tube allows use in larger wells When pump movement is situated in filter section of well high turbidity

Fit for silt loaden water yes Maximum pumping capacity 7 L/min Maximum sample depth 50 m Power supply manual Sample diameter 18 mm Package size 146 x 62 x 40 cm Weight 14 kg Applications Monitoring well installation Water quality research Monitoring water quality Anaerobe sampling Water sampling Ground water sampling

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