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Soil sampling and classification set

Soil sampling and classification set Soil research is a very important aspect in the planning and execution of agricultural- as well as civil engineering and operations. In order to make the soil research as comprehensive as possible the following studies must be made with regards to: The build up of a soil; i.e. determining the composition, the thickness and the position of the various strata. The soil properties; measuring the permeability, the filtration capacity, the bearing capacity, etc. The build up of a soil and strata is determined with the use of augers. The hand auger is generally used for not too deep bore holes. Hand augers are extremely useful for soil research. Investigating the properties of a soil either takes place in situ, or in the laboratory with the aid of soil samples. For the execution of an universal soil classification in situ various articles have been included in our program. The standard set consists of: An Edelman auger (combination type suitable for various types of soil), a gouge auger inclusive of accessories, as well as a liner sampler for taking undisturbed samples in sample liners (including soil sample containers). The acidity or pH of a soil is determined by using a pH-indicator. This indicator, with a range of pH 4 to 9, gives a global pH reading accurate to 0.5. To determine the physical qualities of the soil a pocket interchange sieve set, a sand ruler, a portable electronic balance, a colouridentification book for soil, a pocket penetrometer and a pocket vane shear tester, an aplanatic magnifier and a pocket knife are included in the set. For the determination of the groundwater level a sounding device with measuring tape has been included. Various accessories including: a glass fibre utility probe (to check the substratum to avoid cutting through obstacles such as cables and tubes), aluminium soil sample boxes, a field data registration set, maintenance kit, work gloves and an aluminium transport case.

Soil sampling and classification set Connection bayonet Angle of cone 0 ° Cone surface range 0.3165 cm² Connection screwthread, bayonet Drilling diameter 7 cm Maximum force 500 @ 0.3165 cm² kPa Maximum measuring depth 1 cm Maximum sample depth 2 m Maximum shear stress 250 kPa Measuring range 0 - 500 kPa, 0 - 2.5 kg/cm² Product material stainless steel, iron, other material Sample diameter 37 mm Sample length 20 cm Sample specification undisturbed Sample stored in foil Sampler position vertical Package size 117 x 27 x 23 cm Weight 21 kg Maximum sample depth 7 m Product material iron, other material Sample diameter 7 cm Sample length 10 cm Sample specification disturbed Sampler position vertical Package size 117 x 27 x 23 cm Weight 18 kg Applications Soil profile description and classification Soil sampling above groundwater table Soil sampling below groundwater table

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