Geri Dön



Hydrographic and Seismic Systems

T20P Multibeam Echosounder

The T20-P family is built on scalable next generation technology with the flexibility to evolve alongside your business. The T20-P is perfectly suited for small survey platforms through to larger vessels, where portability is demanded, covering a wide range of survey applications and tasks. Built-in, configurable features–such as high-density beams with multiple detection capabilities, water column and intelligent automation–deliver highly accurate data that can be easily and quickly analyzed, according to your specific needs. FEATURES 256 beams or 512 beams* Water Column Visualisation Full Water Column Data Logging Frequency Agile (190-420kHz) Selectable Beam Density / Constant Seafloor Spacing Tracker autopilot Teledyne Sonar User Interface FlexMode * Multi-Detect * X-Range / Frequency Modulation * 400kHz Full Rate Dual Head * Real-Time Pipe Detection and Tracking * 3 years warranty *Optional

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