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Sentinel V ADCP

After fifteen years of astounding success, the next generation of Teledyne RDI ADCP products has arrived. By all accounts, our Workhorse Acoustic Doppler Current Profiling (ADCP) products continue to live up to their name. With nearly 13,000 Workhorse products delivered worldwide, and hundreds of thousands of hours of data collected, Workhorse remains the standard to which others aspire. Now the company that brought you this technology is ready to wow you once again. The Sentinel V, the first in our series of V products, is loaded with new features and capabilities destined to redefine and revolutionize your current profiling activities. This self-contained instrument is available in three profiling ranges: 20m, 50m and 100m --- and we are now accepting orders to include real time capability! Special features include: Multiple simultaneous sampling strategies: Now, two users with vastly different interests in the same environment can share a single ADCP to accomplish the data collection goals of both, essentially doubling hardware output. Lose the cables. Wireless functionality allows you to fly through your data download and instrument reconfiguration, saving you time and money. This feature also allows for wireless set up and software/firmware updates. There's no need to decide in advance what time scales are of interest. Sentinel V has the memory and ability to record all raw data, allowing you to investigate features of interest over time scales that you can determine at a later date. Five beams for data redundancy and enhanced measurements Real-time capability NOW AVAILABLE

Depth Cell Size ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? V20 (1000kHz)?? ? V50 (500kHz) V100 (300kHz) Depth Cell Size? Range(m) Wide/Narrow? Std Dev(cm/s) Wide/Narrow? Range(m) Wide/Narrow? Std Dev(cm/s)? Wide/Narrow ?Range(m) Wide/Narrow Std Dev(cm/s) Wide/Narrow? 0.25m? 18.0./22.6? 19.2/36.5? ?0.3m 19.3/24.0? 11.1/20.8? ?0.5m 20.2/24.9? 7.1/13.4? ?44.1/57.6 19.2/36.5? 1.0m? 22.1/26.9? 3.6/6.7? ?50.5/64.6 ?7.1/13.5 ?94.5/120.6 ?10.9/20.6 2.0m? 24.5/29.4? 1.7/3.2? 56.0/70.6? 3.6/6.7? 103.5/130.4? 5.5/10.3? 4.0m? 26.9/32.0? 0.8/1.6? 63.1/78.2? 1.7/3.2? 114.6/142.3? 2.7/5.2? 6.0m? ?67.4/82.8 1.1/2.1? 121.7/151.5? 1.8/3.3?

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