Geri Dön





These stainless steel bladder pumps are used for purging and taking samples in monitoring wells. The teflon bladder in the pump prevents contact between the sample water and compressed air. These pumps are supplied with a pneumatic regulator and tubes. The regulator restricts the delivery during purging and sampling, which keeps the turbidity low (low flow purging/sampling). This technique is attracting increasing interest world wide (with the coming NEN 5744-2008, this technique will become compulsory for all sampling carried out in the Netherlands). Benefits Pushes water up with very slight turbulence and cavitation and without underpressure; Suitable for direct in-line filtration; The sample only comes into contact with stainless steel 316 and teflon. No generator or compressor required, works on 12 Volt car battery; Fully adjustable automatic pneumatic regulator with built-in compressor; Maximum pressure head lift: 60 m. Exchangeable teflon membrane Remarks Must be submerged completely Not tested spark proof Applications Purging and taking samples (incl. in-line filtration) in Ø 25 mm monitoring wells to depths of 60 m. The pump is included in a set: 12.28.SA Bladder pump set, Ø 22 mm

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