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Special Tests and Solutions

Aquifer Test

The pump test is performed to determine the characteristics of the aquifer in drilling wells after well development. Constantly driven and stepped pump tests determine hydraulic conductivity and storage coefficients, hydrogeological boundaries and effects and aquifer losses are determined. Depth-yield and time-down relationships of wells depend on their hydrographs, well losses are determined. Helps us to determine the radius of influence of the wells in order to determine the safe distance between the wells. It facilitates the selection of the pump with the necessary features in the most economical way during the planned period. Pump test set le level and flow measurements are made with high precision sensors and flow meters le. With Aquifer Test Pro pump test software working in accordance with the sensor data format, all analyzes are automatically performed and calculated.

Pump test set 10 groundwater level temperature monitoring sensor 1 ultrasonic flowmeter 1 data analysis program.

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