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Hydraulic conductivity test kit

Hydraulic conductivity test kit In case of direct measurement in the field the auger hole method according to Hooghoudt can be applied.Following this method the determination of the permeability to water of a soil takes little time (by comparison to other methods), requires a limited number of instruments. Benefits Hydraulic conductivity test kit, model Hooghoudt · The ideal tool to determine drain spacings · Perfect for K-values below groundwater table · Can be used to distinguish up till two layers · Casing to stabilize sand below water table Remarks · Perforated casing can be extended The principle The principle of this method is quite simple. A hole is bored in the ground to a certain depth below the groundwater level and after a time the water in the hole will rise to the said water level. The water is consequently bailed out and the time it takes for a new water level to establish itself is recorded. With the help of formulae and/or nomogrammes this rate of water rise can be translated to the average water permeability factor of the different strata of soil. The depth of the bore hole is dependent upon the groundwater level and the thickness and the permeability of the successive layers in the ground profile. The standard set (09.01.SA) is suitable for measurements to a depth of 2 meter. Basically it contains: an Edelman- and a Riverside auger with an upper part and an extension rod, a bailer, measuring tape with holder and float, a filter and a stopwatch. The complete set can be transported in the field in a strong carrying bag. The extendable set (09.01.SB) is suitable for measurements to a depth of 5 meter. This set includes the same items as the standard set, however the 1 meter long filter has been replaced by an extendable filter with a total length up to 5 meter (also including extension rods for the auger).

Hydraulic conductivity test kit Maximum measuring depth 2 m Reading accuracy 1 mm Registration type manual Package size 117 x 27 x 23 cm Weight 26 kg Applications Infiltration research Soil permeability research

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