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Underwater Imaging

M900-2250 Dual Frequency Series

Teledyne BlueView's M900-2250 series includes a 900kHz with 130 degree field of view and 2250kHz with 130 degree field of view in a compact package. The M900-2250-130's field of view has been increased by over 125% from the previous dual frequency model. Obstacle Avoidance Vehicle Navigation Long range detection and close range identification Operations Monitoring Situational Awareness Touch Down Monitoring Diver/Swimmer Detection & Tracking Benefits NEW!!! 'S3' electronics 30% lighter, smaller, faster and less power then P Series Automatically adjust transmit power level to improve imagery up close and at long ranges UDP broadcast modes Built in hardware triggering options Built in target tracking options Easily fits on any platform Expanded area coverage High-resolution imagery with 900 kHz and ultra high-resolution imagery with 2250 kHz Unaffected by motion Easy automation of nav-control system

M900-2250-130 Description Ultimate system for maximum area coverage with ultra wide field-of-view with long range navigation and ultra high resolution dual frequency Sonar Field-of-View 130° Max Range (900/2250) 100 m (328 ft.)/10 m (33 ft.) Optimal Range (900/2250) 2 - 60 m (6.5 - 197 ft.)/0.5 - 7 m (1.6 - 23 ft.) Beam Width (900/2250) 1° x 20°/1° x 20° Beam Spacing 0.18° Number of Beams 768 Range Resolution (900/2250) 1.3 cm (0.54 in.)/0.6 cm (0.25 in.) Update Rate* Up to 25 Hz Frequency 900 kHz - 2250 kHz Interface Supply Voltage 12-48 VDC Max Power Consumption** (900/2250) 20 W/25.8 W Connectivity Ethernet/VDSL* Mechanical Weight in Air (1,000 m/4,000 m) 4.3 lbs/11 lbs Weight in Water (1,000 m/4,000 m) .95 lbs/5.1 lbs Depth Rating 1,000 m (3281 ft.), 4000 m (31,120 ft.) and 6,000 m (19,685 ft.) Size*** L x W (max. OD) (1,000 m/4,000 m) 8.6 in x 5 in (4 in can)/ 10.2 in x 5 in (5 in can) Connector Options MKS, Burton, Schilling SeaNet *Range dependent **Non-VDSL unit at 24VDC ***Length does not include connector length

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