Geri Dön



CIRAS-3 Portable Photosynthesis System

CIRAS-3 Portable Photosynthesis System Fastest & most accurate mobile system for simultaneous leaf gas exchange & chlorophyll fluorescence measurement. Rapid A/Ci curves in minutes with our innovative high-speed CO2 ramping technique Small system volume optimized for high-level field performance Multiple field-customizable leaf cuvettes Full control of CO2, H2O, temperature & light

Small footprint and lightweight–truly mobile, the first of its kind Internal, rechargeable Li-ion batteries for up to 12 hours operation 4 independent, non-dispersive infrared gas analyzers (IRGAs) for both CO2 and H2O Automatic and programmable control of CO2, H2O, temperature, and light Large, full color, 7.0R43; transflective LCD for field use and optimized viewing angle Unlimited data storage (internal memory and thumb drives) Flexible and versatile user interface Powerful software Range of accessories for chlorophyll fluorescence, soil respiration, canopy assimilation and insect respiration

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