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PlantControl CX irrigation mod

PlantControl CX irrigation mod Smart & self-learning irrigation computer PlantControl CX is the world’s first self-learning irrigation computer that intelligently evaluates the measurements from up to 60 wireless-linked soil moisture sensors. It not only calculates the correct time to water but also the plants’ actual water requirements and automatically adjusts run times according to their growth stages and seasonal temperature fluctuations. General features Up to 32 stations (24V AC or 9V impulse). Up to 60 wireless sensors can be connected. Weatherproof IP67 housing. Signal range up to 200 meters, dependent on the type of terrain. This range can be increased up to 800 meters using optional range extenders. Measurement of soil moisture levels and soil temperature at freely selectable intervals. Speedily reaction to changes in moisture levels. Value measured is unaffected by salt or fertilizer content. Configure using the large LCD Display or via PlantCare Communicator Software. A USB-interface allows to load the irrigation configuration planned on a PC and readout the irrigation data via a USB stick. Various optional functions such as remote data retrieval, remote control as well as SMS-Alarm function are available Language setting German/English. How it works A PlantControl CX computer irrigates completely automatically. The control system is based on PlantCare’s own soil moisture sensor which has been developed and patented worldwide. This totally maintenance-free sensor, which is already in successful use at renowned scientific institutes and companies, measures soil moisture content and soil temperature at regular intervals and transmits these measurements wireless to the control centre. Irrigation starts automatically as soon as the measured dryness level exceeds the pre-set value and the irrigation time window has been reached. After irrigation, the PlantControl CX determines whether the pre-set target soil moisture level has been reached or not. If necessary, the run time is increased or reduced in order to hit the target moisture in the next irrigation run (DRA-Technology, Dynamic Run-Time Adjustment). This worldwide unique technology ensures optimum water supply for the plants, prevents under- or overwatering and protects precious water resources. Area of use Residential, commercial, sports fields irrigation Agriculture irrigation Agriculture research

PlantControl CX irrigation mod. Data plug type USB Data storage capacity 100.000 data sets Data transfer telemetric Diameter (D) and /or size (L*W*H) 29 x 23 x 15 cm International Protection Rating 67 Maximum operating temperature +50 ° Minimum operating temperature -20 ° Power supply battery, line voltage, solar power Product material PVC, other material Programming possibility Yes Registration type digital, logging Voltage 110 / 230 volt Weight 4 kg

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