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AQUALOGGER 2000-5000


The AquaLogger-2000 is designed to fit down 2” bore holes for remote data logging. The unit features programmable event triggers to increase logging rate if rapid changes occur. The supplied LoggerLink software enables logger configuration (data file and memory management, setting measuring intervals and event trigger configuration). Data can be exported as text report or excel spreadsheet.

Event trigger configuration

Event triggers will increase the logging rate if certain conditions that you have specified are met. For example if you are concerned about DO levels, configure the logger to double the logging frequency if the DO levels rapidly fluctuate.

AquaLogger-2000 features

  • Rugged construction

· Slim design to allow deployment in 2” bore holes

· Compatible with almost all AquaProbes (not suitable for AP-7000 probe)

· Logs: DO, Depth, Turbidity, pH, ORP, EC and more*

· Uses 2 standard alkaline ‘C’ cells

· Up to 6 months continuous logging on one set of batteries**

· Supplied with software for logger set up and data collection

  • Programmable event triggers

· Optional stainless steel cable with carbine clips for attachment

* Dependent upon model of AquaProbe connected. 
** Dependent upon logging and event testing rates set. One set of alkaline batteries will log approximately 12.000 complete sets of data.

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