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Voc Örnekleme

VOC Analizi İçin Temel Örnekleme Seti

Soil corer, methanol set

A compact, multifunctional corer for taking soil samples (possibly containing volatiles). The 16-ml (about 25 g) soil samples are cut from above the ground surface. They can then be packed so that they are protected from sorption (without synthetic materials), leakage and diffusion, and are then refrigerated or frozen. Analysis subsequently takes place within 48 hours or two weeks. 
The methanol conservation method can also be used. An ejector presses the sample directly into methanol. The soil corer can be hammered into stony soil samples without problems. The stainless steel sample tubes do not wear and can (after cleaning) travel everlasting back and forth between laboratory and field.

Benefits Soil corer

  • Suitable for stony soil
  • Little waste soil in laboratory
  • Suits both currently used methods (methanol or cooling)
  • Aluminium lined absolutely diffusion and leak proof seals
  • Reusable and durable coring rings which alternate between lab and user
  • Cheap consumables (caps with seals and stickers)

Soil corer, methanol set

Maximum sample depth

0 m

Product material

stainless steel, other material

Sample diameter

25 mm

Sample length

3.2 cm

Sample specification


Sample stored in


Sample volume

16 ml


Soil sampling above groundwater table

Environmental soil research

Undisturbed sampling

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