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Tasman DVL

Teledyne RDI’s new Tasman DVL represents the next generation of DVL technology, taking your navigation to the next level. Teledyne RDI’s long-standing Workhorse Navigator was the first DVL to enter the market, and remains the gold-standard for precision subsea navigation around the globe. However, the new Tasman DVL, with its wide array of advanced features, reduced size, and increased range, is ready to replace this industry icon.  Other new features include enhanced broadband signal processing and an innovative, cost-effective field-replaceable phased array transducer design.
With bottom tracking ranges from 0.15 m to 500 m, in up to 6,000M water depths, the Tasman is a cutting-edge, value-priced solution for vehicles ranging from small ROVs to large diameter AUVs.  Key advancements include, field-swappable phased array transducers, system health monitoring/leak detection, ethernet compatibility, and the ability to upgrade to collect ADCP data.R03;

  • Phased Array: Unique phased array transducer design delivers enhanced position accuracy at a reduced size, eliminates the need for speed of sound correction, and reduces susceptibility to biofouling.
  • Cost Saving: Field swappable phased array transducers
  • Versatile: Upgradeable to include Acoustic Doppler Current Profiling capability.
  • Ethernet Compatible: Plug-n-play with today's interfaces.
  • Extended Range:  Optional XRT (Extended Range Tracking) delivers up to a 60% increase in bottom tracking range
  • Simultaneous Multiple Data Type Output Capability: Ethernet interface allows for simultaneous multiple PD data output via TCP and/or UDP.
  • Dynamic Commands Capability: Pathfinder accepts command changes during operation without the need to stop the ping cycle or operation of the DVL.
  • Bottom-Track High Resolution Velocity and Navigation Parameters Data Blocks: Aid in the velocity measurement resolution and quality information for use in an Ex-tended Kalman Filter (EKF) Inertial Navigation System (INS) solution.
  • Time of Validity Output: Delivers highly accurate coupling with an INS further improving resulting DVL aided INS position accuracy. 
  • Low Latency Trigger: Mitigates interference with other SONARs
  • Leak Detection and Health Monitoring: Provides early warning for potential issues

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