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Hidrometre Kiti

Hydrometer kit, standard set

To obtain an accurate determination of the particle size distribution of the smallest fractions it is possible to apply the hydrometer method. In this method the sample is cleaned from organic matter after which it is dried and weighed. Next it is suspended in water and sieved. The solution that passes through the sieve is transferred to a measuring cylinder with water. Hydrometer readings are taken after regular intervals. Sedimentation time and hydrometer readings are used to determine the grain sizes according to the Stoke’s Law.

Benefits Hydrometer kit

· Determination of fines acc. to ASTM D422

· Thermostatically controlled bath temperature

· Simple and direct “water” density read-out


The hydrometer kit, among other items, contains: a number of hydrometers, sedimentation cylinders, a thermometer, a glass container, a heating element with thermostat and stirrer, a soil stirrer and various accessories.

Hydrometer kit, standard set

Maximum number of samples


Measuring range

0.995 - 1.035 g/ml and -5 - 60 g/l

Power supply

line voltage

Reading accuracy

1 g/l

Sample specification


Package size

120 x 80 x 64 cm


230 volt


59 kg


Geotechnical soil research

Soil physical laboratory research

Erosion research

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