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RiverPro ADCP

Key Features:

· ?A 20-degree beam, allowing users to collect data closer to the bottom

· A 600 kHz 5th beam collects true vertical velocity with a calibrated RSSI (return signal strength indicator) and range to bottom

  • Fully integrated GPS for geo-referencing

· Auto-adaptive sampling, which quickly provides accurate discharge measurements without the need for user configuration

· A manual override, which allows advanced users the ability to fully customize their system setting as an alternative to auto-adaptive sampling.

The 1200 kHz RiverPro has been purpose-built to fill two specific needs:

- To provide an ADCP designed specifically for shallow river applications (20 cm to 25 m range)

- To provide an upgrade path for our current industry gold-standard Rio Grande ADCP users

Like our next-generation RiverRay ADCP, the RiverPro offers users a 5-beam solution, auto-adaptive sampling, user-friendly interface, and Teledyne RDI’s unsurpassed quality, service, and support.

The RiverPro has also been designed to fit into our RiverRay float, allowing users to swap out their ADCPs based upon their environment, eliminating the need to purchase and transport a second float.

Rio Grande ADCP users can also use RiverPro as a conduit to upgrade their existing Workhorse ADCP to include the benefits derived from our next-generation electronics and technology advancements.

Water Velocity Profiling  
Operation mode Broadband / pulse coherent; automatic / manual
Velocity range ±5m/s default, ±20m/s max
Profiling range 12cm1 to 25m2
Accuracy ±0.25% of water velocity relative to ADCP, ±2mm/s
Resolution 1mm/s
Number of cells 15-30 typical, 200 maximum
Cell size 2cm to 5m
Data output rate 1-2Hz (typical)
Bottom Tracking  
Operation mode Broadband
Velocity range ±9m/s
Depth range 15cm to 35m2
Accuracy ±0.25% of bottom velocity relative to ADCP, ±2mm/s
Resolution 1mm/s
Slant Beams (Depth Measurement)  
Range 15cm to 35m2
Accuracy ±1%3,4
Resolution 1mm
Vertical Beam (Depth Measurement)  
Range 120m2
Accuracy ±1%4
Resolution 1mm
Transducer and Hardware  
System frequency 1200kHz/600kHz
Configuration 4 piston transducers, Janus arrangement with 20° beam angle/ 1 vertically oriented transducer
Internal memory 16MB
Standard RS-232, 1200 to 115,200 baud. Bluetooth, 115,200 baud, 200m range
Optional Radio modem, range >30km (line of sight)
Software (included) WinRiver II (standard) for moving-boat measurement, Q-View (optional), SxS Pro (optional)
Input voltage 10.5-18 Volts
Power consumption 1.5W typical
Battery (inside float) 12V, 7A-hr lead acid gel cell (rechargeable)
Battery capacity > 40 hrs continuous operation
Float (included)  
Configuration Three hulls (trimaran)
Material Polyethylene
Dimensions Length 120cm, width 80cm, height 20cm
Weight 10kg bare; 17kg with instrument and battery
Operating temperature -5°C to 45°C
Storage temperature -20°C to 50°C
1 Distance measured from the center of the first cell to the transducer surface
2 Actual range depends on temperature and suspended solids concentration
3 For beam-averaged depth data  
4 Assumes uniform water temperature and salinity profile
5 For combined tilt <+/-70° and dip angle <70

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