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The DataBank™ is a rugged and self-contained universal meter, datalogger and power supply. Specifically designed for use with the Cyclops-7 and C-sense product lines, sensor calibration and operation are simple. The DataBank records high-frequency data which may be downloaded and graphically displayed on a pc. Sensor power is provided directly from the DataBank’s internal rechargeable batteries. Alternatively, an external +12 VDC power can be used. Various sensor cable lengths are available to allow sampling at multiple depths. 

Product Highlights:

DataBank Datalogger Specifications

DataBank Electrical Specifications
Selectable Sensor Parameters Voltage: Software selectable 3 to 12 volts
Current: 150 mA at 3V to 100 mA at 12V 
Warm-up Time: 0-25 seconds
Gain: 1-4

Input Selection: Switch; Differential Voltage, Differential Current or Dual Current
Range: 0-5V or 0-25 mA
Resolution: 12 bits
Sampling Rate: 1000 Hz (bursts); groups of bursts re-averaged @ 30 Hz

Outputs Two, Open Drain, up to 200 mA @ 15V max
(Used primarily for gain selection)
Storage Non-Volatile, 1280 Kb 
(9,999 records, 1 record = sensor reading, date, time and location)
Current Draw Computer: < = 45 mA (at full charge). Sleeping < 20 uA
LCD Backlight: Full power ~ 30 mA. Low Power ~ 15 mA
Battery Type: NiMH rechargable, 4.8 volts, 4,000 mA/Hr. 
Life: Continuous up to 70 hours (dependant on sensor/settings)
Note: When using the DataBank with the C-sense, it is recommended that the voltage be set to 6 and the warm-up time be set to 3 minutes.  Using these settings with a 5 minute sampling interval, you can expect a fully charged DataBank to collect 300 samples.
Charge Time ~3 hours (for a fully discharged battery; ambient @ 25 degrees C)
Communications USB
Handheld DataBank Physical Specifications
Size Main body: 4.6"W x 3.2"H, x 3.4"D, Handle: 4.8" long
(117mm W x 81mm H x 86 mm D, Handle: 122mm)
Overall: 11”H (279 mm H) with handle, strain-relief and connector.
Weight 1.7 lb. (.76 kg) w/o pigtail
Cyclops-7 Performance
Linearity: 0.99R2
Application Minimum Detection Limit Linear Range
CDOM/FDOM 0.1 ppb**
0.5 ppb***
0-1,500 ppb**
0-3,000 ppb***
Chlorophyll in vivo
  Blue Excitation
     Red Excitation

0.03 μg/L
0.3 μg/L

0-500 μg/L
>500 μg/L
Fluorescein Dye 0.01 ppb 0-500 ppb
Oil - Crude 0.2 ppb*** 0-1,500 ppb***
Oil - Fine 10 ppb*
10 ppm****
7,000 ppb*
>100 ppm****
Optical Brighteners 0.6 ppb*** 0-2,500 ppb***
(Freshwater Cyanobacteria)
2 ppbPC 0-4,500 ppbPC
(Marine Cyanobacteria)
0.1 ppbPE 0-750 ppbPE
PTSA Dye 0.1 ppb*** 0-650 ppb***
Rhodamine Dye 0.01 ppb 0-1,000 ppb
Tryptophan for Wastewater Monitoring 3 ppb 5,000 ppb
Turbidity 0.05 NTU 0-1,500 NTU
* 1,5 Napthalene Disulfonic Disodium Salt
** Quinine Sulfate
*** PTSA (1,3, 6, 8 - Pyrenetetrasulfonic Acid Tetrasodium Salt)
**** BTEX (Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, Xylenes)
PC Phycocyanin pigment from Prozyme diluted in Deionized water
PE Phycoerythrin pigment from Prozyme diluted in Deionized water


Cyclops-7 Physical Dimensions
Length x Diameter 5.7" x 0.9"; 14.48 x 2.23 cm (SSt or Ti)
  5.7" x 1.25", 14.48 x 3.18 cm (Delrin)
Weight 5.0 oz; 142 grams
Cyclops-7 Environmental Characteristics
Temperature Range Ambient: 0 to 50 deg C
  Water Temp: -2 to 50 deg C
Depth Range 600 meters
Signal Output 0 - 5 VDC
Supply Voltage Range 3 - 15 VDC
Power Requirements < 300mW typical

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