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PICO Profile Nem İzleme Sistemi

PICO-PROFILE Soil Moisture Sensor

  • Ideal for the development of soil-water balance models, irrigation control and salt content testing at different soil depths
  • Simple and modular configuration
  • Connection of data logger via GPRS wireless modem
  • Rugged design
  • Attractive price / performance ratio
  • In order to measure precise selected soil horizons, PICO-PROFILE can be configured easily. The modular design allows to arrange up to 10 measurement segments PICO-T3P in such a way that different soil depths on the very interesting soil profile locations can be measured.
  • Each PICO-T3P segment can be adjusted to the particular soil horizon concerning the calibration.
  • PICO-PROFILE in addition to measuring soil moisture, measures the electrical conductivity EC of the soil, whereby the determination of the salt content in each soil horizon is possible. The measurement result can be calculated to the pore water conductivity ECw or respectively to TDS (mg of salt per liter water).
  • With a representative measurement field PICO-PROFILE penetrates deep into the soil around the access tube. Each PICO-T3P segment measures 1dm3 ground.
  • PICO-PROFILE can be easy connect to the data logger globeLog which allows battery operation for long term storage of data. Optionally, the use of GPRS radio modem and SIM card is possible.
  • The Rugged design guarantees a long-term operation in harsh environments.
  • Attractive price/performance ratio compared to conventional sensors allows the use of several measuring segments PICO-T3P per measurement point.
  • An RS485 interface or optional SDI12 interface allows data acquisition with external data loggers.

PICO-PROFILE Soil Moisture Sensor

  • Measuring Segment PICO-T3P
  • Power supply
  • 7V..24V-DC
  • Power cunsumption
  • 100mA @ 12V/DC during 2...3sec. of measuring
  • Moisture measuring range
  • 0..100% volumetric water content
  • Accuracy 
    (in % volumetric water content)
  • ±2%
  • Repeating accuracy
  • ±0,3%
  • Coductivity measuring range
  • ECw 0...>20dS/m
  • Measurement volume
  • 1000ml
  • Operating Temperature
  • -15°C..50°C
  • Calibration
  • Selectable calibration curves:
  • Universal soil calibration (soil ±3%)
  • Dielectric Permittivitiy
  • Size PICO-T3P
  • 200 x ø40mm
  • Access tube
  • 1-3 Meter with Tecanat tube ø44mm, up to 25 Meter available with special version
  • Spacer between two 
    PICO-T3P segments
  • Aluminium ø32mm, from 50mm to 1000mm available
  • Interfaces
  • IMP-BUS 
    RS485 or SDI12
  • Cable
  • 5m cable, longer on request

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