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Scuba water quality sensors

The Scuba water quality probes are suitable for various applications. They can be used for discrete sampling and profiling, or as self-powered loggers. Connect them to telemetry stations for continuous real-time monitoring and have your water quality data accessible directly via cloud-based software. The Scuba probes can communicate via RS-232, SDI-12 or Modbus.

Measure multiple water quality parameters

The Scuba probes are highly customisable to meet your needs. Choose your parameters to measure to select the right the sensor for your applications. You can even add a battery pack to turn your field sensor into a monitoring device for several weeks or months.

The water quality parameters that our probes can measure include:
Temperature Chlorophyll, blue-green algae, PAR
Acidity (pH) Crude oil, refined oil
Dissolved Oxygen (DO) CDOM/FDOM, tryptophan
Electrical Conductivity (EC) Fluorescein dye, rhodamine
Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) Dissolved CO2
Depth Optical brighteners

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