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Soil oxygen content analysis system

Soil gas analysis can yield a lot of information concerning the soil environment.

Using a ‘piercing probe’ and an oxygen content meter the growing conditions for shrubs and trees can be defined. And who would not want to be able to measure the extent of soil pollution in an area without timeconsuming soil drilling?

Benefits Soil oxygen content analysis system

· Sturdy and very simple to operate soil probe

· Immediately shows living conditions for roots

· Meter allows measurements up till 0% O2


  • Meter needs renewal of O2 sensor regularly


This system consists of a short soil probe and an oxygen content meter. The probe is pushed into the soil manually. Once at the right depth the probe is lifted slightly. In this way the probe opens itself. Next, the oxygen content meter is connected to the probe and, using a bellows, soil gas is drawn through the meter and the O2 content is measured, and with that an important growing parameter for trees and plants, can be read. The probe has a small dead volume, so that a measurement can be executed accurately within minutes. The oxygen content meter operates with an electrochemical cell. This cell has a limited service life (about 1.5 years), but can be calibrated easily with air (21%) and with a gas free of oxygen (natural gas, nitrogen).

Soil oxygen content analysis system

Measured parameters


Power supply


Registration type


Rod or Cable length

1 m

Rod or cable operated


Package size

117 x 27 x 23 cm


5.1 kg

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