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Soil water sampling plate, set

The plastic suction plates are especially suited for the extraction of soil solution on large areas and its examination on heavy metals and phosphate. Because of their low charged surfaces, plastics are the best materials for these purposes. The filter elements have a tongue and groove system and can be put together to areas of any size. Due to the extraction of soil water over a large area together with low adsorption losses quantitative examinations of solute fluxes are possible. The filter part of the suction plates consists of a porous polyethylene substructure and a hydrophile polyamide membrane filter which is protected against damaging by a cover shield.

Benefits Plastic plates

· Will also determine soil moisture flux

· Can be coupled / extended to large surfaces

· For use in lab and field lysimeters


· See manual for exact preparation procedure


The standard set comprises: a square plastic porous soil water sampling plate 250 x 250 mm incl. teflon sampling tube, sampling bottle with silicone stopper and a vacuum pump with manometer.

Soil water sampling plate, set

Diameter (D) and /or size (L*W*H)

250 x 250 mm

Maximum sample depth

500 cm

Pore size

0.45 micron

Porous material (cups)


Sample stored in


Sampler position



Soil moisture sampling

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