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StreamPro ADCP

Product Features

Quick: Collect complete streamflow measurements in streams or canals in a matter of minutes.

• Convenient: No need to move from station to station. Simply cross a bridge or use a tagline to collect data.

• Easy to Operate: Data is conveniently acquired using a PocketPC or a laptop equipped with a highly intuitive user interface.

• Reduced Disturbance: Small transducer head, 3.5cm in diameter, for minimal flow disturbance. • Affordable: Value-priced system designed to suit your budget.

• Bottom Tracking: Reliable bottom-tracking in 0.1m–7m depth.

• Wireless: Bluetooth communications utilized between electronics and PocketPC or laptop.

• Low Power Consumption: Full day of operation on 8 AA batteries.

• Versatile: Minimum cell size 2cm with up to 30 cells. Standard profiling range of up to 2m (6m with upgrade).

• Flexible Data Format: All acquired data is compatible with Teledyne RDI’s WinRiver II software for data display and processing.

Range -4° to 45°C
Accuracy ±0.5°C
Operation Modes  
Standard profiling (Broadband)  
High-precison profiling (included)  
Frequency 2MHz
Configuration Janus 4 beams at 20° beam angle
  • StreamPro Software for Pocket PC
  • WinRiver II (included) for moving-boat measurement
  • SxS Pro (optional) for stationarymeasurement
Available Upgrades  
• Extended profiling range to 6 meters  
• SxS Pro Software for stationary measurement.  
• Compass and tilt (pitch and roll) sensors  
• GPS  
• High-speed float  
Bluetooth wireless  
Baud rates: 115,200 bps  
Cast polyurethane with stainless hardware  
Voltage 10–13.5VDC (8 AA batteries, alkaline or rechargeable NiMH)
Battery capacity 7.5 hours continuous with 8 AA alkaline batteries;
Operating temperature: -5°C to 45°C  
Storage temperature : -20°C to 50°C
Physical Properties  
Weight in air 5.9 kg including electronics, transducer, float, and batteries
Dimensions Electronics housing: 16 x 21 x 11cm Transducer: 3.5cm diam. x 15cm length
  Float: 42 x 70 x 10cm (line drawings available upon request)
1 Assume one good cell (minimum cell size) with high precision profiling mode, range measured from the transducer surface.
2 Assume fresh water, actual range depends on temperature and suspended solids concentration.
3 2m/s for standard float; 3.5m/s for optional high-speed float.
4 Assume uniform water temperature and salinity profile  
Specifications subject to change without notice

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