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ChannelMaster ADCP

The compact, flexible, and affordable CHANNELMASTER is a horizontally-oriented Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (H-ADCP) designed to collect high-accuracy water velocity, stage, and discharge data for a wide array of applications.

By leveraging Teledyne RDI’s BroadBand technology, ChannelMaster allows you to obtain unmatched data quality, even in low velocities and complex flows, where a single cell cannot provide enough information.

The ChannelMaster’s innovative design includes everything you need to collect high- quality data. The standard unit comes equipped with temperature, pressure, pitch and roll sensors, and a vertical beam


Key Features: 

  • Accurate: Teledyne RDI Broadband technology allows for small cells and/or short averaging sampling intervals, thus increasing your data accuracy
  • Robust: Collect highly accurate velocities even in difficult environments such as slow flow or rapidly changing flow
  • Versatile: ChannelMaster offers a range of 1-128 user selectable cell sizes from 25 cm - 8m and profiling ranges from 1m - 300m (frequency dependent)
  • Sturdy: Comes standard with stainless steel mounting fixture.

    CM300 CM600 CM1200     300kHz 600kHz 1200kHz Water Velocity Profiling Profiling range 4m1 to 300m2 2m1 to 90m2 1m1 to 25m2 (Broadband mode) Velocity range ±5m/s default, ±20m/s maximum     Accuracy ±0.5% of water velocity relative to ADCP, ±2mm/s   Resolution 1mm/s 1mm/s 1mm/s   Number of cells 1-128 1-128 1-128   Cell size 1m to 8m 0.5m to 4m 0.2m to 2m   Blanking distance 1m 0.5m 0.2m   Data output rate User-programmable     Physical Properties Weight in air 6.8kg 4.76kg 3.4kg   Weight in water 3.17kg 2 kg 1.58kg   Height 18.3cm 18.3cm 18.3cm   Width 32.5cm 26.4cm 18.3cm   Depth 19.8cm 19.3cm 18.9cm Transducer Geometry 2 beams, ±20° 2 beams, ±20° 2 beams, ±20°   Beam width 2.2° 1.5° 1.5° Standard Sensors Temperature Tilt (pitch and roll) Pressure Acoustic Stage Range: -4°C to 40°C ±10° 0.1m to 10m 0.1m to 10m3 Accuracy: ±0.2°C ±0.2°@2°, ±0.5°@10° 0.5% ±0.1%, ±3mm Resolution: 0.01°C 0.01° 1mm 0.1mm Software • WinH-ADCP: System setup, data acqusition, discharge calculation, data display, and summary report   • PlanCV: Deployment planning, predicting precision, power usage, etc. Other Hardware and Features • 4mb internal recorder       • 25m power and communications cable standard, longer available   • Stainless steel mounting plate       • Built-in index-velocity method flow calculator   Communications RS-232 with SDI-12, or RS-422 SDI-12 supports v 1.3 (concurrent)   Simultaneous SDI-12, and internal logging supported     Serial baud rates 300–115,200 bps     Construction Cast polyurethane with titanium hardware, mounting plate included Power Voltage: 10-18VDC       Max. current: 1.5A       Power consumption: 0.1W @ 10% duty cycle (typical)     Environmental Operating temperature: -5°C to 45°C     Storage temperature: -20°C to 50°C     1 Assume one good cell (minimum cell size); range measured from the transducer surface.   2 Assume fresh water; actual range depend       3 User-programmable to 18m maximum.

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