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Lost cone drilling set, standard set

Drilling a bore hole is often combined with sampling and describing a profile. If both these activities are not necessary during the drilling procedure then drilling can be executed fast and efficient applying the so-called lost cone drilling method. Eijkelkamp Soil & Water developed a manually controlled set using an electrical percussion hammer to hammer the lost cone and the accompanying casing into the soil.

Lost-cone drilling set, standard set for drilling according to the lost-cone method

The specially designed lost cone is hammered into the soil using an electrical percussion hammer, which is placed on the casing. The lost cone produces a very straight bore hole that is slightly wider in diameter than the casing in order to reduce the friction. This procedure makes it easier to reach greater depth and the friction on extracting the casing is limited.

On reaching the desired depth a filter tube can be lowered through the casing or sensors can be left in the bore hole. Subsequently the casing can be extracted using the 2-person operated rod puller in combination with the universal casing and rod pulling clamp.

Benefits Lost cone drilling set

  • Solves problems installing wells in stony soils
  • Also the safest way to lower explosives
  • Bentonite plugs will repair layers perfectly
  • Ideal in combination with Direct Well
  • Tested for ten-thousands of drilling meters
  • Non-toxic iron lost point copes with analysis


  • Limited to soils with some porosity
  • Shear stress value of soil cannot be too high
  • Contact SonicSampDrill for higher speeds and larger depths


The lost cone drilling method is successfully applied when placing monitoring well pipes with a small diameter, for environmental research. After drilling the lost-cone is left in the soil. This does not cause any environmental problems as the material used is present in the soil by nature.


This very complete set contains: an electrical percussion hammer, an aggregate with insulation guard, striking pens, drive-cone holder for percussion casing, steel casing, pulling equipment, lost cones and various accessories. The standard set is equipped for drilling to a depth of up to 10 m.

Lost cone drilling set, standard set

Drilling diameter

7 cm

Maximum sample depth

10 m

Package size

145 x 60 x 50 cm


215 kg

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