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Bozulmamış Sediment Örnekleme

Bozulmamış Sediment Örnekleme

Multisampler, rod operated, 5 m

The multisampler has been developed originally for sampling of wet, solid as well as fluid material.

The standard set is suitable for sampling up to a depth of 5 meter. The materials used for the multisampler are stainless steel, NBR- rubber (the piston) and transparent acrylic plastic (sampling tube).

Benefits Multisampler

· For sediment sampling with a small budget

· Professional tool with transparant tube

· Open cutting head for undisturbed samples

· Ball valve to sample sewers, bassins a.s.o.

· Piston assures perfect core sample length


  • No hammering possible

· Loss of sample in watery or coarse sediments

· Cannot be used in unsaturated sediments


The standard set (with bayonet connection), among other items, contains: a multisampler, inclusive of two cutting heads (one for fluid- and one for solid material), sampling tubes, pistons, extension rods, a top-piece and various accessories. The complete set can be transported in a carrying bag with shoulder strap. Using the multisampler it is possible to take anaerobe samples in a wide variety of wet materials, solid as well as fluid. Using the piston rod (usually extended by means of a wire-line) it is possible to move the piston in the sampling tube while this tube is held stationary. In this way the original stratification of the sampled material is maintained.

Multisampler, rod operated, 5 m

Maximum sample depth

5 m

Point or profile

Point sampling, Profile sampling

Product material

stainless steel

Rod or Cable length


Rod or cable operated


Sample diameter

20 mm

Sample length

100 cm

Sample specification


Sample stored in


Sample volume

1.1 liter

Package size

150 x 22 x 25 cm


15.5 kg


Environmental soil research

Undisturbed sampling

Sewage water research

Anaerobe sampling

Liquid layer sampling

Sludge sampling

Sediment sampling

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