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Teledyne RESON has over 40 years proven reliability in underwater acoustics. Over the years we have worked with internationally recognized laboratories and industries on the development of acoustic standard references and advanced sensor designs. The result of this work is an expansive, comprehensive line of precision reference hydrophones and projectors covering frequencies from 0.1Hz to the MHz band.

Every hydrophone leaving production is individually calibrated. Teledyne RESON provides calibrations consistent with international standards established at the National Physical Laboratory, UK.Teledyne RESON reference hydrophones are designed for precision underwater acoustic measurements, signal detection, and/or calibrated reference acoustic projection. Our hydrophones are internationally trusted for quality acoustic measuring in scientific research, navy, and environmental monitoring. Teledyne RESON is also an OEM supplier of hydrophones for many industrial and commercial products.

Our Sales, Service, and R&D department is dedicated to providing solutions for customer needs. In addition to maintaining a product line of standard hydrophones, our experienced team of engineers also design and manufacture customer-specific sensors.

We are also flexible to discuss modification of our Commercial of the Shelf (COTS) products to better fit specific system integration requirements. Teledyne RESON is dedicated to your solutions.

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