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Scuba 90

The water quality probe Scuba 90 has a diameter of 90 mm and that extra space allows it to accommodate up to 11 different sensors. This makes the Scuba 90 an extremely versatile instrument, suitable for a wide variety of water quality monitoring applications.

  • Two different models, with additional customisation options

  • Top-grade sensors and user friendly software

  • Central cleaning system

  • Long sensor lifetime

  • 3 years warranty on probe and sensors

  • Refillable reference sensor

The Scuba 90 is an advanced, portable multiparameter water monitoring probe designed for long term deployment. It contains a central cleaning system to keep the fitted sensors clean and reduce the effects of biofouling common in extended deployments.

The Scuba 90 is available in two configurations, the 90A and 90B. Both models come with a standard range of sensors including temperature, pH, electrical conductivity (EC), turbidity, and dissolved oxygen (DO). ORP and depth sensors are optional. It also offers more customisation options to add extra sensors to the probe.

  • The Scuba 90A model can accommodate 2 fluorometers, plus 2 ISE sensors

  • The Scuba 90B can accommodate 3 fluorometers

The Scuba 90 features our long-lasting (5+ years) optical DO sensor replaceable cap, and refillable reference sensor. The probe is offered as complete package, so you are provided with everything you need to start testing water. It’s a full set cables, software, and electronic manual. 

Connect the Scuba 90 to any of our wireless display options for sampling in the field, or add a battery pack or solar panel for autonomous deployments. Connect to a telemetry station via the GDT Prime Plus or GDT-M modems to view your real-time data in the cloud.

Scuba 90  
Diameter 90 mm
Length/ weight without battery pack 483 mm / 2268 gr
Length/ weight with battery pack 483 mm / 4082 gr
Number of sensors Up to 11
Battery pack 6 C
Operating temperature -50 to 50 °C
Depth rating 200 m, max depth for ISE and TDG sensors is 15 meters
Communications RS-232, SDI-12, or Modbus
Connection to mobile devices USB or Bluetooth
Sample rate 1 Hz
Data memory 1,000,000 logged readings

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