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Tension infiltrometer set

The tension infiltrometer measures the hydraulic properties of unsaturated soil. Water held under tension infiltrates into a dry soil through a highly permeable nylon mesh screen.

The time dependent infiltration rate is used to calculate unsaturated hydraulic conductivities and related hydraulic properties. Infiltration rates are recorded manually.

With the pressure transducers, which can be connected to a datalogger, the rates can also be read electronically. The pressure transducers can be attached to the top and the bottom of the water reservoir.

Benefits Tension-infiltrometer

· Measures unsaturated infiltration capacity

· Ideal for sprinkler irrigation advice

· Insensitive for root tunnels, insect borings

  • Comes to an equilibrium quickly

· Intermediate sand for optimal soil contact

· Very limited soil surface alteration


· Cracks do not change measurement results

  • Requires skilled person

· For surface measurements and pits


The standard set contains: A tension infiltrometer with separate base plate, a small hand-operated vacuum pump for use during calibration and a metal ring. Pressure transducers and a datalogger are optional items.

Tension infiltrometer set

Maximum measuring depth

0 m

Reading accuracy

1 mm

Package size



3.75 kg


Infiltration research

Soil permeability research

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