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Delft Şişe Tip Askıda Sediment Örnekleme

Delft Şişe Tip Askıda Sediment Örnekleme

Suspended load sampler, Delft bottle

This sampler is used to measure suspended sediment transport in rivers and other water courses, from the surface down to 0.1 m above the river bottom. The sediment containing water flows through a bottle shaped sampler. The shape of this sampling body induces a low pressure at the rear face in such a way, that the water enters the nozzle of the sampler with almost the same velocity as the undisturbed flow. The sharp decrease of the velocity in the wide sampling chambers causes the sediment material to settle there.

Benefits Delft bottle

· Samples flowing sediment just above bottom

· Perfect height control, lowered on bottom

  • Bronze, sea water proof body


  • Winch and davit needed

· Check manual for granulometry of sample

Ways of use

The sampler can be used in two ways:

· Suspended on a cable for all depths from the surface to 0.5 m above the bottom. A tail fin keeps the nozzle in up-stream direction.

· Standing in a frame on the bottom for distances of 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 cm from the bottom. The set comprises a sampler, the frame, a number of nozzles and measuring glasses. Because of the flow-through principle a large volume of water is sampled.


Suspended load sampler, Delft bottle

Maximum sample depth

> 10 m

Product material

iron, other material

Rod or cable operated


Sample stored in


Sample volume

100 ml

Package size

120 x 94 x 50 cm


93 kg


Sediment transport research

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