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Compression test apparatus set

In many land use systems all over the world soil deformation is a major problem due to increasing land use intensity. On arable soils machine traffic is continuously intensified with respect to load and wheeling frequency leading to (sub-)soil compaction and deeper soil degradation concerning hydrologic or pneumatic functions. Altered soil functions, in particular reduced hydraulic conductivities end impeded aeration, may decrease crop growth and productivity as well as the filtering and buffering capacity of soils. Prevented gas exchange and longer lasting anoxia is soils due to the reduced pore continuity and pore functioning also affects global change processes. In order to evaluate potential risks for irreversible soil deformation, it is necessary to quantify their mechanical stability. A commonly applied method is the determination of the pre-compression stress, commonly under static loading conditioned in oedometer tests. Conducting agriculture scientific research as repeated cyclic/dynamic loadings studies e.g. wheel passes or animal trampling can also be a scope of interest.

The compression test apparatus (art. no. 08.67) measures the impact of vertical stress on an undisturbed soil sample. During the measurement soil water matrix, compression stress and vertical displacement are simultaneously measured. The apparatus is operating computer controlled using multifunctional software for executing measurement protocols and both numerical and graphical visualised data presentation. The samples are taken in a soil sample ring Ø 103 x 100 mm, height 30 mm, contents 235 cc.

Benefits Compression test apparatus

  • Userfriendly and easy operation
  • Accurate measurement principles

· All in one compression measurements

· Sample diameter 100 mm, height 30 mm

· Software controlled measurement protocols

· Simultaneously operation of up to 8 instruments

· Graphical instrument overview and data zoom functions

  • Calibration functions

· Excellent price/quality/performance ratio

  • Data file export i.e. Excel
  • Upgradable for dynamic operation

· Developed in cooperation with Christian Albrechts University Kiel


  • Physic soil deformation
  • Pre compression for shear tests
  • Erosion
  • Environmental research
  • Basic material research

User groups

  • Laboratories
  • Research institutes
  • Educational institutes
  • Universities

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