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The Vertical Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (Vertical ADCP) is designed for the high-accuracy measurement of water flow, level and velocity profile in open channels, rivers, streams, and irrigation channels.

The Vertical ADCP can be deployed as a self-contained instrument recording data for later use; as a real-time instrument for real-time measurements; or as a portable flow meter, with the option to move from station to station.

Key Features:

  • Teledyne RDI’s Broadband technology , which allows for small cells and/or short averaging/sampling intervals and highly accurate velocity data.
  • Range of 3–150 user-selectable velocity measurement cells, with cell sizes from 3cm–20cm and profiling range from 0.2m–5m.
  • Small transducer mounted to bottom of open channel allows for less flow disturbance.
  • Accurate acoustic water level sensor.
  • No calibration required, providing a cost-effective solution.

Water Velocity Profiling Profiling range 0.2m1 to 5m2  
(Broadband mode) Velocity range ±5m/s default, ±20m/s maximum
  Accuracy ±0.5%, ±2mm/s  
  Resolution 1mm/s  
  Number of cells 3–150  
  Cell size 3cm to 10cm  
  Blanking distance 3cm  
  Data output rate User-programmable, 1Hz maximum
  Flow measurement accuracy 2-5%3  
Transducer and Hardware Frequency 2.4mHz  
  Configuration Three beams (velocity measurement)
  Beam angle 20°, ±25°  
  Beam width 0.95°  
  Internal memory 4MB  
  Communications Interface: RS-232  
    Baud rate: 1200 to 115,200bps  
Standard Sensors Sensor Temperature Acoustic Stage
  Range -5°C to 45°C 0.1-10m (default)
  Accuracy ±0.5°C ±0.1%, ±3mm
  Resolution 0.01°C 0.1mm
Software WindowsTM-based: • PlanCV: Deployment planning  
  • Q-Monitor-V: System set-up, data acquisition, playback, and flow calculation
Power Input 10–28VDC  
  Internal battery 3@6VDC alkaline lantern batteries, 570wh
  Consumption 0.11w @ 10% duty cycle  
Environmental Operating temperature -5°C to 40°C  
  Storage temperature -25°C to 60°C  
  Vibration meets IEC 60721-3-2 standard  
  Housing weight 5.2kg (with internal battery)  
  Housing Length 340mm; width 180mm; depth 140mm
  Transducer Length 202mm; width 92mm; depth 39mm
1 Assume one good cell (minimum cell size); range measured from the transducer surface.  
2 Assume fresh water; actual range depends on temperature and suspended solids concentration.  
3 Assume narrow channels.      

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