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Digibar S

The rugged all stainless steel Digibar S was designed for un-tethered sound velocity casting. This configuration frees the probe from its electrical cable making deeper sound speed profiling a much easier and more reliable task. With a 500 m maximum depth capability and storage for multiple casts, the "S's" flexible design still maintains some of the best features of the popular Digibar Pro. 

Immediately before the unit is deployed, a simple system of flashing LEDs serves to confirm battery status, pressure sensor status, and overall probe operation. The confirming indicators drastically reduce the possibility of retrieving a deployment only to find that there is no data to show for the effort. Logging parameters are setup via a simple Windows interface communicating through your PC's USB port. That same port is used to download the results of the cast and to charge the probe's internal batteries. Cast data (sound velocity, temperature, pressure, and time) are stored internal to the probe in EEPROM. This means that critical measurements are maintained independently from the batteries that power the unit's time of flight velocity determining circuitry, thereby providing an extra layer of security for the all-important cast results. Accurate, easy to use, rugged and reliable all appropriate descriptors of the Digibar S and the hallmark of Teledyne Odom's product lines.

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